spinning dyeing crochet yarn handmade

All Change!

Big News (no not Obama winning)
My phone is fixed, sorted hooray!
And back to normal.
 I’ve been playing with my yarns. A bit of spinning and a bit of crochet. My daisy blanket is coming on nicely now, still had no volunteers to sew in the granny square ends though.
Now do you remember this yarn?
I dyed it with food colouring and spun it up as a single and I was very pleased with it.
Being merino it’s incredibly soft and fluffy perfect for a snuggly scarf.
So that’s what I’ve been doing.

A nice easy lacy pattern taken from this book I used the V stitch lattice pattern, very, very easy.

Do you like it, it’s pretty.
But not really colours that I’d wear very often and I want to wear it……..often.

So out with the dye pot and after a bit of overdying.
Ta Dah

What do you think, now I 
it’s just perfect goes with practically everything I own 

Merino so soft so light so delicious

So cosy round my neck!
I love the variations in colour.
I’m calling it my Perfect Purple Scarf

And I’m wearing it to work today.
I love, love, love dyeing wool. It is officially the best fun you can have with vinegar and food colouring!
I have also been dyeing up some merino with actual proper Ashford dyes.
Can’t wait to show you how that turned out……………..oooooooo it’s beautiful with a capital B.
Right I’m off splatter paint firework painting today yipee.
Lots of love



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