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More adventures from the spinning wheel…….

fighting felted fibres

Hey, hey where on earth do the days go!
Have you all been as busy as me……….I know, you have haven’t you.

So I’ve been busy with my dye pot, what do you think of these little beauties?
Merino roving dyed with Ashford dyes and spun very fine (well just a few lumps)
pretty aren’t they.
I was going to keep them as singles and hook up a delicious poncho………
……but then I thought that maybe I needed a slightly thicker yarn to work with, so out with the dye pot again. I know what I’m doing now I can dye stuff no problem.

It all started off just fine, here’s my roving soaking in some delicious smelling vinegary water.
No problem there, cos I know how to dye yarn, right.

And I mixed up the dye colour I wanted, just a green to blend with the colours on the singles.
It’s a bit greener than the camera shows, anyway I loved it.

And into the pot, still no hint of  a problem. 
Oh apart from not wearing gloves and dying my fingers green, no really, green!

Now the first problem emerged, the colour wasn’t dark enough so I had to add more dye. No photo I was flying around the kitchen by now.
Had to throw in some more vinegar too!
And people, taking a deep breath now………….
…………………..I stirred the pot…………..I know, stirred it! What an idiot, anyone who knows anything about dyeing knows.
What was I thinking of. 
And it took an age for the dye bath to exhaust, I’m sure that added to the end result.
A very long sausage of green felt.
Oh dear

And here it is like a dinosaurs innards waiting for me to wrestle it into some spinnable lengths.
On a positive note the colour is gorgeous.

I’ve split it into very thin lengths and have managed to spin a bobbin up, but OMG hard work or what!
So anyway I’m hanging my head and saying.
 I broke the rules and I’m being punished by the gods of spin.
Lesson learnt though, back to the text book for me.
I’ll let you know who wins the wrestling match!
Lots of love

4 thoughts on “More adventures from the spinning wheel…….”

  1. What do I think of those little beauties? Sue I am gobsmackingly impressed. I think you are amazeballs! If we lived closer I would love playing at your house! xxx


  2. Thanks Lucy, to be honest I think it might have been beginners luck. I've spent this evening fighting with the felted green dinosaur innards…………blimey my fingers are sore. In fact I've given up and ordered some more because I've declared it IMPOSSIBLE to spin! Oh well you live and learn. It would be good if we lived closer we could spin and drink tea and shhhh eat cake LOL!


  3. What do I think? Well….basically I want them! The colours are gorgeous…if this is beginners luck, then I can't wait to see what you come up with after more playing 🙂


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