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Spinning Disaster

Well I think you know what I’m going to say, don’t you.

I didn’t win the roving wrestling wrangle. No, after one very painful bobbin of lumpy yarn I’ve given up. It’s impossible to spin. I drafted, I carded, I picked out the lumps, swore…………alot and rubbed my aching fingers!

It’s way to lumpy to put with the other yarn!

Look! You can see the difference.

My friends it’s not going to spin, I have 8oz of green felt, nice.

So I’ve ordered some more roving which should arrive later today and I shall maybe, if I pluck up the courage dye it this weekend, or maybe I shall spin it first then dye it……..oh I don’t know I’m all befuddled now, I don’t think I could cope with anymore felt! 
Any ideas, what will be the best thing to do? Any tips on dyeing merino will be gratefully received.

In the meantime I’ve been consoling myself with some relaxing hooking. I’m still making my little daisy granny squares, only 8 more colours to finish, that’s 104 squares left to do!

That’s a basket full of happiness right there isn’t it!
Have a great Friday.
Lots of Love

P.S I’ve had to turn on that pesky word verification thingy, I hate it but I’m being swamped with spam which is never a good thing!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Spinning Disaster”

  1. It maybe in your opinion too lumpy to put with the other yarn but it looks ok and could be turned into something? This Spinning and dyeing Malarkey can be an adventure. I felted after my first dyeing adventure and I have not been brave enough to try again yet… I did manage to card some of my 'disaster' it is all hard and scrunchy. Bleurghh! I have no advice re Merino all I have dyed is Merino and I have not had anything you could call a success yet…I have had fun. (Expensive fun though). Are you hand carding or drum carding? I don't know if this would/could make a difference… xxx


  2. Don't worry Lucy it won't be wasted, I shall think of something to do with it, it's just not up to scratch for what I have in mind! I'm plucking up the courage to have another go tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I'm ccrocheting at the moment……..know what I'm doing with that!


  3. Sarah as I said to Lucy(inthesky) I'll use it cos I love the colour! You should have a go at the old crochet I learnt from many tutorials on tinternet……….try Attic 24, Lucy's photos make everything really clear and her work is very inspirational.


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