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How are you all?
I’ve been enjoying all the interesting new year blog posts so much
 I’ve neglected to write one of my own!
Lots of resolutions about, lots of claims to get more organised, improve, get fit, eat healthy, craft more etc etc. I applaud you all because frankly I’m hopeless at making keeping resolutions!
This year I’m going to call them………..wishes, yes wishes I like that sounds more ethereal more as if things could just come upon you without too much effort LOL!
My wishes are
Improve my crochet and spinning skills
Return to knitting
Read more
Swear less
Get fit
Find time
Avoid stress
So if my wish fairy is watching could you wave your wand a bit in my direction please. But if you’re busy elsewhere don’t fret my life is pretty wonderful just as it is.

My decorations are all packed away now.
Goodbye baubles

Goodbye Christmas robin

Goodbye sparkles

 I’ve had a few lovely walks although it’s been very, very grey.

I’ve also been crocheting, this is a blanket for my lovely Dad.
The colours haven’t come out very well, that’s because it’s been so very GREY!

I’m also enjoying the first issue of Simply Crochet

All’s good in the world.


3 thoughts on “Wishes!”

  1. Thank you so much Kristin that's really kind!I have so much to learn, stitches, how to read patterns properly, amirugarmi oh loads of stuff!!! But thanks makes really happy to know that other people enjoy what I do as much as I do. x


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