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Exciting decorating news!

I’m very excited dancing around whooping excited to be exact. We are decorating, wait for it……………..our bedroom!!!!!
Why so? I hear you ask.
Well I’ve lived in my house for a very, very long time (27 years) and the only decoration my bedroom has ever seen is a quick lick of paint on the walls……..26 years ago.
Yeah you heard right 26 YEARS!
Children have been born raised and left home. 
Pets and an ex have come and gone and other rooms have been redone numerous times.
So this is big, really BIG.
A new bed is on it’s way, there’s a time limit, 3 weeks.
So the to do list looks like this.
Remove fire
Strip woodchip off the walls yuk!
Dip the doors
Get a new carpet laid
New radiator
Lots to do but it’s going to be fantastic.
here’s Lovely Man getting stuck in.

The eagle eyed amongst you may be wondering why there is a sock on the top of the door?
It’s to stop the door rattling in the night when we have the window open!

Howrd’s not sure about any of it.
The fireplace is staying but that fire has to go!

Check out that gorgeous carpet, see the tape on it that’s where the hoover ate it!

Meanwhile on the crafting front I’m squealing with excitement as I knit up my first item of clothing made from my own dyed and spun yarn.
Oh my it’s turning out even better than I’d hoped.
Not telling what it is yet, you’ll have to wait and see.

So 2013 has started off at full speed for me, how about you have you launched into any large exciting projects, do tell would love to hear.


2 thoughts on “Exciting decorating news!”

  1. You are certainly having an exciting start to the year! I love the fireplace in your room – it looks fabulous 🙂 Can't wait to see the room once it's finished…however, I am really eager to see what you are knitting on those needles!
    Sarah x


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