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Bedroom All Finished!

Well my friends it was 
How gorgeous!
The bed finally arrived on Valentines Day very romantic.
I am so delighted with the whole effect, calm and peaceful a real haven.

I really love how the fireplace turned out, so glad we kept it, the mirror is one we’ve had kicking around forever and is now given pride of place.
Just a bit of faffing required with a few pretty thing to complete the look.

I’m completely in love with the wallpaper it was ridiculously expensive but sooooooooooo
worth it, makes me hap, hap, happy looking at it. I think it’s a real mood lifter!
And that bed is unbelievably comfy, OMG so comfy.
 Even after only two sleeps we are feeling revived and full of energy.

We also revamped an old brass chandelier, well I say we but really it was the work of Lovely man.
We’ve had this in our garage for literally years, unloved and hidden.
Lovely Man did an amazing paint job on it and now it’s just perfect.

Now I know what you’re thinking.
What a strange choice of bulbs?
It is isn’t it. Well truth to tell these were all we had in our bulb box so they are just temporary.
The other thing you need to know is that it’s waiting for some serious bling in the form of vintage chandelier drops, that’s if I win them, fingers crossed to the E- Bay gods!

So what do you think?
D’you like?
I know last time we spoke I was a bit down in the dumps but I’m all cheerful now. 
Nothing like a beautiful bedroom to cheer a girl up!
I’ll let you know how the chandelier turns out. I’m spending the week having a massive sort out and catching up on my crochet projects.
I’ve got an exciting reveal for you very soon.

All finished and waiting to be blocked, come back soon and have a little look!


9 thoughts on “Bedroom All Finished!”

  1. That wallpaper is the most delightful floral eye candy! and the colours too 🙂 This room will look fresh in summer and lift the gloom in winter I am sure. And hey, being over 40 I am right with you there about need for comfy bed + decent sleep = waking refreshed!! ;0


  2. Oh, its gorgeous! Well worth the hard slog getting it done and what a lovely sight first thing in the morning. The wallpaper is stunning and the chandelier is fab. Relax and enjoy!!


  3. Thank you we're loving it so much. The chandelier is a work in progress even as I type my Lovely Man is cutting the bottom off some glass dessert dishes to make into bobeches for the bulbs!


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