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Chandelier magic!

You remember in the great bedroom remodelling I showed you our chandelier with it’s strange light bulbs and I spoke about an E-Bay event……..
Well I was outbid in the last moments, drat!
It turned out to be a blessing though because Lovely Man suggested we make our own glass fittings. Now I wasn’t sure about it at all, what would we use, how would we cut them, would they break with the heat of the bulb, would they look good? It was all questions!

Lovely Man just told me to trust.
So I did and we adventured off to a local car boot and Hobbycraft for our raw materials.
Some old pressed glass dessert dishes, 5 for a pound. Also some rather delightful cut glass beads.

Lovely Man got out his special glass cutting drill bit and got straight onto cutting the bottoms off the dishes, he then cut a bulb holder sized hole in the dish, 
drilled some holes around the edge.
I threaded up the beads he made some nice little hooks.

And a few hours later.
One stunningly beautiful chandelier!

Lovely isn’t it

We are so pleased with it, I love the effect it has on the bedroom, bling but not too much.

How could you not love it!

The other delightful thing is the cost. We have created this beauty for less than £50.
I love that we’ve taken an old chandelier that was languishing in our garage and loved it back to life.
I love that we’ve used DISHES cos they look great and I love those sparkles!

So that’s it really all finished in the bedroom now.

What a wonderful place to sleep we know have. Can’t wait to get started on our next project.

Of course with the decorating comes sorting and tidying I’m in full flow with that. My yarn stash has a new home, I can see it ALL none hidden away and let me tell you it looks gorgeous!
I’ll show you next time.
Right I’m off to bed to relax and read this months Simply Crochet magazine.
See you very soon


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