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Adventures in The North

So we’re back from The North.  
Everything was so BIG especially Manchester, it’s huge!
We knew we were going North when we spied snow on the fields. 
 Heather took us on a tour of Manchester city centre, big shops, canals, a metro, and around Chorlton where she lives, good beer and interesting shops selling lots of tasty goodies!
Sunday we visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield we had a lovely day out the weather was actually warm for a while and we all enjoyed walking around.
The sculptures were interesting but taking pictures of them artistically was virtually impossible as there were so many people enjoying the sunshine!
Anyway here is a selection of piccies, starting with Heather our guide and leader! 

Oliver spent the weekend trying to photobomb my photos!

The Barbara Hepworth sculptures were my favourites

It’s a shame the light wasn’t great.

Some things on chairs with no heads LOL I’ve decided that I really do not like surreal art, especially things without heads, but the tree was magnificent.

Beautiful Camelia 

Uh oh Oliver strikes again!

Heronry over 25 nests!


Heather and Tom

Henry Moore sculpture

All the gang!

Spring’s here

Another Henry Moore. We tried to get a shot of us sitting on this one but everytime we went near it other people came along to spoil our fun! We gave up and I took a long shot instead.

And then there were the lambs. 
Everyone all together

We had a lovely break and a glorious time with Heather. It was so lovely to spend time with my girl, we did alot of hugging and laughing. I love her so much and she’s so far away I have to top up on Heather love whenever I get the chance!


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