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I love the holidays!

So today I got up nice and early and spent a couple of hours digging on my allotment.
Some of that time was spent hiding in my shed extracting angry ants from inside my clothes! 
Boy they were vicious.
Anyway I did good work.
On my way home I dropped by to visit our local swans, this is mum being very busy last week.

And today.
Rubbish photo I know
babies cute little babies and look closer one more egg to go.
Wonder if it will hatch, she seemed very attentive to it, so we shall see!

Back indoors I’m all in a spin.
Some grey

Some blue

Plied together.

Another look, really pretty.
Added to my stash.

Been busy with the dye pot too.
 This is 500grams of merino dyed in many shades of gorgeous purple.
It’s going to be a lovely poncho for Heather.

See how it spins.

Can’t get enough of this yarn.

Am off to spin some more, 
I fear things on the domestic front may slide a bit whilst I indulge in a spinning frenzy!

And remember the pink yarn I spun last week.
It’s turning into a snuggly scarf.

Enjoy your week.
See you soon


1 thought on “I love the holidays!”

  1. No wonder you're all in a spin, that yarn is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S……!! The scarf is coming along beautifully. I spied some baby swans too on my walk by the riverbank the other day, SO cute. Happy Wednesday Sue 🙂


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