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As if  having the week form hell last week wasn’t enough tonight as 
I sat down for some relaxing spinning I discovered a wee and disgusting beastie.
Yes my friends, 
I have been struck by the dreaded clothes moth!

They are quite frankly horrid.

the fear and panic as I searched through my stash.
Is that a larva or a bit of fluff, is that an egg?
Should I keep or throw?
It turned out that the probable culprit was a little collection of fleece I’d collected on a country walk a few months ago, now dumped! Also a wicker basket which seemed to be harbouring some of the little horrors. They’re now dumped too, I’m taking no chances.
I spent the evening searching through ALL my wool, bagging it up, vacuuming and washing.
I think my stash is pretty moth free, my carpet is going to be zapped later today to kill any eggs or larvae and I think a disaster has been avoided.
I do check my yarn regularly but actually finding moths is NOT NICE. I think the onset of some summer weather has encouraged them to hatch. 
My advice check  your stash TODAY and good luck!
Any moth proofing or yarn storage tips would be most welcome.
In other news, my Mum is out of hospital with no diagnosis and still in awful pain, her doctor is being wonderful which is more than can be said for the consultant who told her “it might go away anyway”
 She can’t actually walk around!
I’ll keep you posted.
The cat is booked for an operation on Thursday to remove a bladder stone!
It’s looking like another crazy week for me!

2 thoughts on “Attack!!!!!”

  1. OMG I am glad that you acted quickly! I had an attack one year and now all my stash is obsessively packed away in huge plastic boxed with lockable lids…I take no chances either! I hope your mum gets better soon and that the cat recovers quickly too 🙂


  2. Thanks Sarah I'm so relieved I was feeling sick with the thought of having to ditch all my yarn! Thanks for the wishes for mum and the cat, cat being sorted tomorrow but Mum still suffering I'm afraid!


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