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Spinning news

Well it’s all done now.
 800grams of beautiful merino, dyed, spun and plied ready to create a beautiful poncho for Lovely Heather.
The colours are gorgeous, just what she likes I think I shall call it Heather Haze!

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out even if it has taken me longer than I wanted and at times proved a bit of a challenge!
Just need to set the ply, let it dry then pass it over to my Mum to get knitting. This is the pattern she’s using very straightforward and relaxing. It’s the same as my green poncho.
So I’ve spent the afternoon soaking and rinsing, lovely relaxing garden job.

Looks lovely laid out in the sun.

Did you spot the stool, did that yesterday afternoon, another lazy, relaxing garden job.
(I love garden jobs)

We’ve revamped our picnic table and given it a coat of paint. 
It’s the same as the bench and shelves in our conservatory.

Oh and a new umbrella.

And some table decoration of course.
Let me tell you, all our meals are outside at the moment, bliss.

I’m really pleased with how the garden looks this year, it’s a lovely tranquil place to be.
Anyway back to the spinning.
There was as usual some yarn left on the bobbin so I thought I’d have another go at navajo plying.
D’you know I’ve made an interesting discovery I find that I am navajo plying lefthanded!
Anyway it’s all good I’m liking the results very much, it’s pretty isn’t it.

What a lovely way to spend time. I always feel very calm and chilled when I’m doing anything to do with yarn, don’t you?
Here’s someone else who’s really mastered the art!

Don’t know what I shall spin up next.
Any suggestions?
I’m all finished for the summer now so I am going to 


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