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Spinning Love

I’ve been getting a bit frustrated lately on the spinning front. 
Feeling like I’m not doing much but my post on Friday got me thinking about what I’d achieved in 
my first 14 months of spinning.
And guess what I’ve done so much more than I thought!
Take a look at this lovely lot.

I love looking at my first spinnings they look so textural. 
They show me how much I’ve improved too!

I’ve made some scrummy things to wear too

I’m pretty pleased with all of these, although I think I’ve made enough scarves!
It’s funny isn’t it that we always underestimate our achievements. 
I bet if you gathered together all the loveliness you’ve made over even just the last month you’d be surprised at how much gorgeousness you’ve created!
Anyway I love spinning, I have so much still to learn of course but I’m enjoying the journey enormously.
So in the past 14 months I’ve learnt:
Spinning yarn is the most relaxing way to spend time.
I love the feel of the soft fleece in my hand, turning into yarn.
I can spin thin and delicate fibre.
Don’t spin when you’re cross (treadling too fast…….not good).
You have to be nice to your wheel otherwise she’ll fight you!

I know nothing.(about spinning).

I can Navajo Ply(yay!)

I absolutely adore the process of dying it’s magical transformation.

I need to keep better records of what I’ve spun, cos guess what, I don’t remember!

The internet is the most amazing resource for spinning wisdom.

It’s kind of a secret craft, I don’t know many people who have a wheel.

I want to make myself a cardigan dying, spinning and knitting all of it myself.

I think about spinning yarn alot.

I will be eternally grateful to my friend Jo who showed me how and got me hooked on this lovely craft!

I can’t look at sheep without thinking, wonder what that fleece spins like!

Do you spin?
If you do tell me about it. Tell me what’s easy, what’s hard, where you get your inspiration and advice from, what you love about it.
I’m off for a little session before work.


2 thoughts on “Spinning Love”

  1. Awww thanks Amy that's really kind of you. D'you know what just give it a try that's all I did, I've had so much fun mainly thanks to the internet where all the inspiration and help is to be found!!!! x


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