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Finishing off those odds and ends!

 Hello how are you all?
Hope your weekend was glorious if a bit chilly. Did you find time to enjoy some crafting fun, hope so.
I’ve been tying up loose ends as I had sooo many projects on the go, as we all do!
 Apparently here in the UK we can expect snow this week! 
So with that in mind I got out my stash and created some cosy things to wear and snuggle under.
First up some rather funky mittens crochet with some of my handspun merino, I though it was about time I used some of it even though it’s not perfect with thick and thin sections.
So I got hooking and created these monstrosities!
Not………..identical as I forgot what I did and only wrote down some of the pattern, silly me I thought I’d remember the rest but NO! Note to self don’t trust my brain, write it down.
Anyway they are done and on my bike they are fine, very cosy.
Wonder how good they are at snowball throwing.

Using up some other handspun I’m knitting a snuggly scarf, just garter stitch.
In real life it’s a much prettier green. For some reason my camera seems unable to capture the true green colour. Have you come across this problem if you have any tips would be marvellous.

Using up my Stylecraft stash I’ve made a lovely granny blanket, just needs edging. Might do that in a bit actually. This one’s destined for my shop I think.

Still spinning super fine yarn too, well super fine for me!
Really enjoying pushing myself to create a yarn I’m happy with.
This will become a cardi, hence the knitting practise.

And finally a project I’m really delighted to have finished because for a while I thought it had all gone wrong.
You may remember my joy at having this gorgeous fleece to spin BFL and silk no less, special indeed. I wanted to make something special with it so decided a soft luxurious scarf would be perfect,
 and it was apart from the fact that it wasn’t really long enough, so I hid it away in the cupboard.
and then whilst gazing lovingly at beautiful wooly things on Pinterest it dawned on me. Of course a cowl!
I literally dropped everything ran upstairs hook in hand and 
crochet the ends together with a little scallop for decoration.
Very proud.
TA DAH!!!!!

It’s lovely I’ve been wearing it all week, and if it stays chilly I shall wear it all next week too!
Hmm sometimes I think I don’t get much done, but writing about it makes me realise how important my crafting is to me and what a huge part of my life it’s become. Makes me feel very happy!
Another busy week beckons.
Next time I want a little word about Christmas if that’s okay.


4 thoughts on “Finishing off those odds and ends!”

  1. Your mittens don't look the way that you are implying they do! I'm sure that as you say they will be nice and cosy and that is what really matters in mittens. Your superfine yarn spinning is coming on well by the looks of things! xx


  2. So it seems Claire and guess what I saw a gorgeous bobble crochet blanket on Pinterest……..yup I've added that to the mix LOL!!!!!!!


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