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Let’s build a deck!

Did you miss me?
How was your Summer?
Mine was busy.
Let me share with you what we’ve been up to.
Look through the window, what do you see?
That’s right, a lovely garden, some wellies and a bird.
Now look closer, can you see the concrete, with the crack and the weeds. It’s been like that forever. All uneven okay, but not really very user friendly.

We’ve painted and preened on various occasions.
The walls and shelves look fine, we like them!

And the flowers always cheer us up.

A comfy bench.

It’s the floor that gives us a problem, all uneven and cracked. 
“We’ll save up, lay flagstones or slates or brick” we said. “It will look expensive and stylish” we said.
We never did it, waaay too expensive and complicated, all that levelling and rubble.
“It can’t be done, it’s not so bad, we love our garden it’s……….. FINE!”
Then back in May something happened. I don’t know how it happened but we decided to deck over the concrete. 
You need to know.
But the concrete was breaking up the cracks were getting bigger.
We’ll do a deck as a temporary measure…………..
Off we went.
How did we get on?
Well, I’ll tell you………..
………………….next time!
Here’s a little teaser.

Exciting isn’t it!
Thanks for dropping by it’s always lovely to have friends round.
Next time we’ll have a cuppa, you’ll need one they’ll be a lot of photos!


4 thoughts on “Let’s build a deck!”

  1. Hello Sue, nice to have you back in blogland. Love the pictures, especially the last one with the cat on the roof. He looks very comfy up there.
    Can't wait to see your new garden with the deck.


  2. I love your garden space. I really want white walls, a Bus Stop, a comfy bench and flowers on duck egg blue shelves now! Not sure about the decking. I have cracked concrete. The concrete out the front of my house is about fifty years old and it has dog paw prints all over it! They make me smile. I bet somebody was in the dog house! xxx


  3. Oh thank you Lucy so kind, glad to see you here on my blog too, hope you are well and happy! The benches and shelves were such an easy transformation with Cuprinol shades paint, easy to apply and a little goes a long way. The bus stop sign is something I've had since I was about 16, bought at a vintage bus fair in Portsmouth. Check out the next post, maybe you'll like a deck too although those paw prints sound enchanting. x


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