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Bathroom drama part 1

How’s your week been?
As promised a little bathroom story.
This is the very last room that needed renovating.
Here are the before photos, this is what it’s been like for ages, since we had a loft  conversion in 2007 to be exact! No proper flooring and patched up walls, gorgeous!
Oh and a rather alarming crack in the toilet.

                                        Finally I persuaded Lovely Man to get the builders in.

Now, he can do all the work beautifully, loves doing it, is amazing at it.
Unfortunately Parkinson’s disease kind of has other ideas, it’s just too much after a hard day at work. The last thing he needs is spending all night renovating and getting exhausted. 
We need our free time, free to enjoy, while we can.
So in came the builders.

They made a good start. 
Week one old bathroom ripped out walls striped and re plastered.
Good all good, no stress.
Then week two.

Basin in, pipework done. 
New window in.
Then without warning everything went downhill.
The stress began to build, Lovely man wasn’t happy.
Things weren’t been done properly.
Bad pipework, brick dust EVERYWHERE from using an angle grinder INDOORS (idiots)
Lovely Man was going to tell them not to come back.
Ooooo stressful!
Before we had chance to speak to them.
 They left one day, left the water off, so we turned it on…………………OMG
I’ve never seen so much water pouring through my kitchen ceiling. Obviously I cried, brick dust infused water in my cooker, electrics blown, an evening spent clearing up.
Sack the builders!
Which is what we did.
So anyway first job was to check the work already carried out.
It was DREADFUL, this is ‘finished pipework’ every joint had a leak!

Look at this mish mash, again finished work.
It makes me crazy just looking at this!

After Lovely Man got his hands on it.
Would you just look how gorgeous these pipes look!
I know he’s a genius.

He’s also completely worn out.
The one thing we tried to avoid by getting people in to do the work.
I’ll never win that argument again will I.
The good news is that we are making progress, the brick dust is almost gone 
the bathroom is looking a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Next week I’ll show you some pretty bathroom photos.
Think of me this weekend, I’ll be mostly grouting and painting and making tea!
I’m feeling better I’ve stopped crying……………no jokes yet though……..too soon.
Have a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “Bathroom drama part 1”

  1. Bad workmen are a Bugger! As soon as I read that the strip out and plastering took the first week I knew it was not going to be a good story. My husband is a plumber and that pipework was a joke. Your hubby is pretty good tho. Maybe Hubs takes time off work to do the DIY instead of working and then coming home and doing it. Perhaps the money lost in wages would be offset against outside workmen, and you know you would get a good job done. Thank goodness that was the last room. Can't wait to see the finished job. xx


  2. If you want a job done properly….
    I'm lucky that we know good tradesmen. Plus my baby is a builder, so I know where I can get things done properly, and get advice on who is good to do what – and hopefully they will travel if my boy asks.
    Your Lovely Man's plumbing work is beautiful. Those cowboys should be reported to the local authority. They don't deserve their licence to practice.


  3. Oh Sue, we have had two different experiences with builders, when we first moved here the ones we had were awful, and were probably related to the ones you had as they did some awful things and we had all kinds of leaks. Then the ones we had this year were great and did things so much better and were neat and tidy and polite, it took a while to get them, but it was worth waiting for good people. I know how upsetting this must have been for you, glad to know that you are getting things sorted now even if it is through your own hard and exhausting work. xx


  4. It just drives you mad when people spoil your home doesn't it! We have had good builders in the past, I guess just unlucky this time. We are getting on really well now, lots of ooos, ahhhs and that's fabulous can be heard!


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