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Five Photo Friday…………

Bathroom Update 2
So mostly we’ve spent the week in the smallest room.
Not much time outside which I’m really missing.
However progress has been made.
Cabinets are well on the way to being finished.

Tiling and grouting are done.
The colours are much prettier in real life, the look I’m going for is a coastal relaxed look.

Maybe this week will see the rest of the house returned to normal!
I am feeling a bit more positive too, the end is in sight.

It’s a bit of an assault course at the moment.

I’ll leave you with a happy sight, our hedgehog made an appearance last night.
He’s looking very big and healthy, I’m hoping he’ll find a nice corner of the garden to hibernate.
We’ve called him Milligan (after Spike)

Hope you’ve all had a good week.
See you soon


3 thoughts on “Five Photo Friday…………”

  1. Oooo. Just catching up with your bathroom saga! It is coming on lovely now and will all be soooo worth it. 'He' is a fat hedgehog isn't he. Are you sure it is not a 'she' in the family way? xx


  2. Thanks Lucy, we can't wait the hardest part will be waiting for two weeks for the grout and tile sealer to dry out. Think I'll just sit in there with a nice cuppa! Hadn't thought of that…………a lady hedgehog……..I'll ask him/her next time we have a visit. x


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