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A Venetian Adventure!

Hello, how are you all? Ready for Christmas? No me neither.
If you’ve been reading my little ramblings for a while now you’ll know that this time of year is a bit of a birthday fest!
Mine included.
This year Lovely Man really excelled by whisking me away to Venice.
 I know AMAZING.
There was alot of cloak and dagger stuff beforehand, I variously thought I was going to Bognor, Paris, Barcelona, Ireland……..pretty much anywhere.
 I only found out my true destination at the airport.
What a weekend, so magical.
Venice is simply incredible, this weekend the tides were very high so the water flooded everywhere.

Everything took on a surreal look and feel. 

Life seems to continue as normal even though the shops and cafes are filed with water!

We wandered the lanes and soaked up the atmosphere.

The buildings seem to be sinking into the water, gently decaying, gracefully.

And then there are the gondolas, so beautiful, so elegant, so we went in one of course.
If you ever go you simply MUST go in one, save your pennies it’s pricey, but just save them.

Everywhere we went beautiful architecture made our eyes pop, literally made me gasp. I think I must have said WOW about a million times.
WE didn’t manage to get to Santa Maria della Salute.
We’ll have to go back then.

Could there be a lovelier building.

Could there be a lovelier sunset.

I don’t think so!
I took so many photos.

How could I not.

We did visit most of the ‘must see’ places, although we didn’t have chance to go inside.
We’ll have to go back then!

Actually, looking at these photos makes me want to go back very soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little trip to Venice.
 I had the most glorious weekend. Spent with an amazing wonderful person.
I’m so thankful and blessed to have such beautiful and special people to spend my life with.
Back home now I’m relaxing in my PJs and feeling life is good!
Now to prepare for Christmas.
Enjoy your weekend, are you putting the tree up?
I’m not, not yet, one more birthday to go first.
My gorgeous Dad, on Monday…………his special day.
Thanks for stopping by see you all soon.


5 thoughts on “A Venetian Adventure!”

  1. Venice is beautiful, as are your photos. I first visited when I was working in Italy for three months as part of my degree. It was my first time abroad aside from a day trip to France so there were lots of new experiences but I remember just being gobsmacked by Venice, much like you. I couldn't belive I was actually there, it was just so amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos, they've awakened some old memories…


  2. Happy Birthday Sue!! What a wonderful visit, your photos are amazing. It makes total sense of course about the tides and the flooding, but I never ever thought of it before, and certainly never saw any pictures like yours. They are totally amazing! xx


  3. That's a good description gobsmacked, exactly describes the effect of all that amazing architecture. Glad you liked the photos, I took loads, as you would! x


  4. Thanks Amy. It was surreal literally water everywhere, incredible! I thoroughly recommend saving up for a trip. It's a wonder of the world. x


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