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Do what you love

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved walking in the country, on these walks she would collect fleece caught on fences. She would take it home and try twisting it into yarn, mostly unsuccessfully!
 Fast forward to 2017, a Sunday stroll in the country and she’s still there collecting the fleece, hoping to use it for…………….something. Well all those years ago I spent my time making, creating, crafting, painting, growing. I still do those things they’re still the things that make me the happiest. 

So what’s my point here?
 Well I remembered the other day watching one of my children as a small boy building towers, building walls, always building. The other day he came home from work, dirty, wet, tired and hungry and declared “I love my job”……………he’s a bricklayer!
I remembered also watching my youngest son busy cooking up a storm standing on a chair in the kitchen…………….he went off and studied something else at Uni…………
but he’s back doing what he loves,
 working in a cafe.
 It occurred to me that we should all try to do the things we love. 
If not as a career then everyday a little moment of fulfillment,
 a little bit of time for ourselves.
Do what you love.


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