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Five Photo Friday

Half term, it’s been too short.
It’s been all about these gorgeous boys.
Beautiful Brodie, two weeks today.

And Finlay the most fantastic two year old EVER!
That’s true, cos I’m his Nana.

Finlay’s birthday cake.
Just so you all know, I’m never making a Thomas cake again, fiendishly tricky!

 We also spent some time checking out Storm Brian.
Very stunning he was too.

That’s it, end of another holiday.
Roll on Christmas then!!!!!

1 thought on “Five Photo Friday”

  1. Hey Sue, what a gorgeous bubba Brodie is, and as for Finlay, what a cute little man. Both fab names too. That cake is AMAZING. You are a talented baker as well. Those recent storm systems have been pretty ferocious. Ok looking from a distance. Love your dramatic photos. Best wishes to you and yours….Sharron x


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