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Woodland Walk

Hello Lovelies

How are you all? Feeling like Summer could be just around the corner?

Yeah me too!

Anyway if you’ve read my ramblings before you’ll know that I live by the sea. I love it, the sights, the sounds and the aromatic scent of Langstone Harbour mud. We even holiday by the sea. So going inland is well……….adventurous.

But every now and then I get a yearning to be surrounded by trees and green. 


We’re very lucky here as only 30 minutes from home we can be walking in the beautiful South Downs.


Our walk took us to the beautiful church at Up Marden  a tiny little church with a lovely churchyard and stunning views over the downs.


Passing the church we continued on through fields and woodland. The birds were singing and everything had that vibrant green of Springtime.


At times we had the feeling of being in a jungle, just look at those ferns!


Hector had a great time too, he’s not used to country smells (being mainly a beach Schnauzer) but he had a great time snorting his way through the woods and staring at passing horses. It was a perfect afternoon.

Maybe we’ll adventure into the countryside again.

Hope you all had a gorgeous weekend. Where are your favourite places to wander? I’d love to know.

See you soon





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