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Beeswax Wraps

I’ve been thinking a lot about waste, recycling and looking after the planet and have done for a long time. We try very hard to keep waste to a minimum here. Cycling around our seaside city or walking, not using plastic bags/bottles all the usual things. So when I saw beeswax wraps for sale I was keen to try them, however the cost did put me off slightly. I decided to have a go at making some. 

Now this isn’t a tutorial as such you can find endless instructions on Pinterest etc.

This is just how I make mine.

I love how I can use things I already have and my fabric stash yielded some perfect 100% cotton gingham. I cut some squares with pinking scissors.


I use my vintage double boiler to melt the beeswax and coconut oil, while I’m doing that I heat a tray in the oven at a low heat 125°C.


Then I put the cotton fabric onto the hot tray and paint the beeswax all over it. As you can see it’s not spreading yet.


However once the tray goes back into the oven for a few minutes the wax spreads through the fabric. At this point I place another piece of fabric on top and press it down, this mops up the excess. Then I repeat the painting process.


Once I get three layers of fabric on the tray I lift off the bottom piece and check it’s fully saturated in wax. 


You can tell if it’s not they’ll be dry spots, this one is done. I just wave them around for literally seconds and the wax hardens.


Finally I fold them up in a nice neat pile all ready to use!

Why I like them.

1. They replace single use plastic (clingfilm, plastic bags etc)

2. They last for ages and are cheap to make

3. They are easy to use, just wrap around your food.

I’ve found them brilliant for cheese, vegetables, fruit, bread, cake. For covering bowls of food in the fridge, secured with an elastic band. All in all they work and they look amazing all neat and tidy in my fridge.

To clean them simply wash in lukewarm water. just one point, don’t use them to wrap raw meat or fish as they would need washing in very hot water, which would wash out all the wax.

They actually make me feel more organised because everything looks so neat and tidy!

So why not give them a try, all the ingredients are readily available on the internet, and I’m sure you have some gorgeous fabric that’s just perfect for the job.

I’m planning on making little bags for snacks too. The hardest thing will be choosing the fabric from my stash!!!

See you soon






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