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I love flowers don’t you?

I especially love this time of year, we’ve just enjoyed the feast of Chelsea and our own gardens show plenty of floral promise don’t they, everything is green and fresh and vibrant………………beautiful.

On Milton Common the wildflowers are putting on a glorious show too. I feel so lucky to have such a special place literally on my doorstep. Every day I see stunning floral displays which the fancy designers of Chelsea spend a fortune creating. I get to see them for free, as Mother Nature makes them. You can’t beat that can you.


So pretty aren’t they, we were especially lucky to capture the pollen releasing from the grass. It was amazing, just a little brush even from a bee made the pollen cascade out. Lovely.

In the garden the flowers are blooming too, I’m busy doing battle with the slugs and snails. My strategy involves planting lots (like a whole packet) of seeds on the one for you, one for me basis and some gentle lobbing over the back gate when they really annoy me! It works after a fashion and as I’m not prepared to actually kill them, it seems a sensible solution.

So I’ve spent quite a lot of time tweaking and weeding and just enjoying my garden this weekend.

We live outdoors as much as we can relishing the deck life sitting out late into the evening wrapped in blankets and putting the world to rights!

This weekend also saw me dye the failed roving from last week and I’m happy to say this time the results were spot on. I now have roving the same colour as Treacle I’m delighted of course, have a look.

Actually this is a dreadful photo because you can’t see how dark it is at all. Trust me it’s darker and richer. I’ll get some better photos to show you, I’m laughing to myself because it looks exactly the same as the before shot!


I’ve done loads of dyeing in the last week, all different techniques. I’ll try and photograph them (properly) and show you later in the week.

Till then, thanks for coming, see you soon.




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