Colour inspiration

I love colour don’t you? I love the way Mother Nature puts colours together and they just look wonderful. It’s funny isn’t it because when we try to do the same thing quite often our choices look a bit off don’t they!

She’s very clever Mother Nature.

Bluebell sunset
Anyway I look to her for my dyeing inspiration. When I’m out and about I like to capture what I see on camera and nearly always take it with me. It’s on the days when I don’t that Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show, you know, a perfect sunset, a dewdrop shimmering on a leaf, the sea sparkling in the sunlight!

Towards hayling

Note to self always take some form of camera!

When I see the colours and textures I fall in love with the endless possibilities, the emotion that colour evokes is just as important for me, I try to put all of these thoughts and feelings into my dyepot, I find it a very organic process I tend to dye by look and feel rather than following a set formula, it works for me! There is nothing more joyful than taking fibre out of the dyepot and seeing exactly what alchemy has occurred.

I love it.

Busy Bee

I use my photographs to help me remember a moment in time that I’d like to capture in my fibre. My garden acts as a palette too, I love how although I plant flowers in certain places they always seem to migrate around and pop up in unexpected places mixing new colour combinations. When I think about it I see wonderful colours everywhere, rust coming through a painted bench, old brickwork, a ceramic pot. If you open your eyes and really look colour is everywhere, look for it and find your passion!

What inspires you?

Are you a methodical organised dyer or do you just throw dye around and see what happens? I’d love to know.

Hmmm I’m thinking about a new colourway right now, now where are my dyes!

Thank you for popping in and reading my ramblings I really appreciate it.

See you soon




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