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The Power of the Sun

Gosh it’s been hot here, I mean Hot! I’ve been taking advantage of the “Power of the Sun” ( say this in a superhero voice😁) to do some more solar dyeing. It’s really easy.

Shall I explain?

First I soaked my fibre as usual in water, until I was happy it was wet through.

Next I filled a jar with cold water and sploshed (technical word)in some vinegar, this helps set your dye. I use acid dyes which are readily available on the internet.

I put the fibre into the water before I added the dye just to see how it would work. I sprinkled the powder into the water put the lid on and placed it in the sunniest part of my garden. Then I just left it.

After two days baking in the sun this is what I found.

Of course being plant based the bamboo remained white, but the merino picked up the purple beautifully.

You can see the water is clear all the dye has exhausted into the fibre……..gorgeous!

After a quick rinse, I hung it up to dry and …………………………………

Ta Dah!

I’m so delighted with the result mainly because all the work is done by the sun and I can be outside enjoying my garden and playing with colour in the sunshine.

On an environmental footnote, solar dyeing is wonderfully green too, the feel good factor is huge. I shall be hoping the heatwave continues long enough for me to dye up plenty of fibre.

Meanwhile I can’t wait to spin this beauty up.

Catch up soon




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