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Garden Revamp



I’ve been sitting in my garden today enjoying the sunshine and pondering. Once again we’ve revamped our outside space and it got me thinking about how our garden has changed over time. Let me tell you a little bit more.

When I first moved here back in 1985 the garden was very typical of it’s time. Path flower beds each side and a dodgy rockery made from rubble, a truly awful conifer. Let me tell you that was the first thing to come out!

I got stuck in and added plenty of plants plus children, plus pets and everything grew and blossomed, but whilst we spent all our time outside we didn’t LIVE outside. That only really happened when we put in our deck.


What a difference! The deck changed everything, we spend so much time outside now even in the cooler months when the sun’s out, we’re out.

After the deck came, The Big Pond move. There it is at the end of the garden.


And here it is in it’s new position.


So of course we put a Pimm’s patio where the pond used to be, because that’s where the sun lingers into the evening.


Each change, each revamp has meant we are able to enjoy our outside space to it’s fullest. It’s become a place to sit, to think, to relax, to play, to be, a family space, a beautiful place. A much needed extension to our garage was added along with a splendid green roof which delights me everytime I see it.

And now we’ve changed it once more and this time it feels done, finished, a haven. For us, for our family and hopefully wildlife.

I’ve really thought about the way the sun moves around the space, the left side is in sun for most of the day whilst the right is shadier and damper. What I’m trying to achieve is a flow from hot dry beachy plants to cool moisture loving woodland, I know, all in one tiny garden!

Over the years the reason I garden has never changed. I want to see as much wildlife as possible in our space, to that end we have a hedgehog tunnel through our garage, a green roof and of course the pond. We’ve planted a Rowan tree(dwarf) to encourage the birds and plants to encourage the insects. I’m excited to see what turns up.

 We’ve tried to reuse/recycle as many materials as possible. The path is made from bricks foraged from the beach on Milton Common(used to be a tip), the slates from my Mum’s Cornish garden. The flower beds are edged with scrap wood from a wood merchant. The plants I dug up and saved whilst we did the work and do you know not one died! So on top of it looking fantastic it didn’t break the bank. So there it is. Our little garden, obviously there is still a bit of tweaking to do but mostly we’ll mostly be found enjoying our garden life.

Hope you enjoyed your little wander around.

See you soon




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