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Spinning singles

I would just like to clarify if you have stumbled upon this page from the darker reaches of the world wide web. This is a post about yarnwool the coat of a sheep!!!! Not a dodgy dating advice help line!If you have arrived rather sweaty, breathless and wearing lycra from a fitness crazed google marathon, no it's not about spinning,… Continue reading Spinning singles

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Two Ta-dahs!

Well here we are then.Introducing Berry Bright Cushion!This was another one, you know aUSING UP SCRAPS PROJECT♥LOVE♥How it turned out. Love, love, love the colours♥Added some cute little flowers to make it more girlie.And raided the button box for some perfectly pretty buttons.It's a cute size too. A dinky 12 inches square.So do you sense my dilemma?Yes you've guessed should I… Continue reading Two Ta-dahs!

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How's your summer been?I've been very, very busy. Want to see?First there was a flowery bag!Then the stool cover......The blue skies cushion.............The purple heather cushion...............Some jolly window bunting........Another bag!And finally the rainbow riot trio! Check out those fab bobble buttons......I love them!I know my little fingers haven't stopped, I'm having a ball!At the moment I'm… Continue reading Hello!