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Five Photo Friday

Wow that week whizzed by, I love holiday time, having time to just mooch is very restorative.Here is a little flavour of my week.A Valentine walk to Halnaker windmill.An early morning stroll on Milton Common, beautiful blue skies.Finally capturing a bird on camera!A sunset walk!Eastney Lake boathousesAn altogether sparkly week!I'm so lucky to live in such… Continue reading Five Photo Friday

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At last a post about CROCHET!

How was your weekend? Hot I hope.Watch the Olympic opening ceremony, we did, bonkers wasn't it. I thought it was very clever and different and completely British. And yes our Queen rocks!!!!!♥Anyway I've been busy with my hook, mainly outdoors, lovely.So to business.If you are a bicycle rider you will be familiar with the sticky… Continue reading At last a post about CROCHET!

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Love my bicycle!

Old bicycle basket decorationThose flowers I loved them, but as all flowers do they dropped,mostly as I sped along the seafront with my basket stuffed with Christmas goodies!Time for a change then.But what to use.Inspirationfound in my little box of treasures, you know you've got one too I'm sure.The box where all those little experiments… Continue reading Love my bicycle!