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Five Photo Friday

Wow that week whizzed by, I love holiday time, having time to just mooch is very restorative.Here is a little flavour of my week.A Valentine walk to Halnaker windmill.An early morning stroll on Milton Common, beautiful blue skies.Finally capturing a bird on camera!A sunset walk!Eastney Lake boathousesAn altogether sparkly week!I'm so lucky to live in such… Continue reading Five Photo Friday

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Sunsets and marmalade!

This weekend we managed to get out and about. By bike and on foot, enjoying the exhilarating weather.Camera in hand of course!Friday took us to Southsea, a lovely walk from our house.A delicious cuppa at the Coffee Cup along the prom.Watching the traffic.Then down to business.Catching that setting sun.Our beach has some beautiful grasses and plants… Continue reading Sunsets and marmalade!

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Flowers and Birds!

How was your weekend? Hmm not quite as hot and sunny as the weather men suggested was it.To top it all I spent the weekend with a box of tissues doing battle with the FIRST COLD OF THE SEASON not nice.Anyway, it's Monday now so I'm feeling well enough to resume normal activities..............That'll be work then!♥So I… Continue reading Flowers and Birds!