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Spot the difference

Hello!Did you wonder where I was?I know a whole week with no posts, how did that happen!Well you know of course sometimes life gets in the way of our blogging pleasure, and this week life has been somewhat hectic.I've had loads of orders to finish and start (not complaining ) on top of that we… Continue reading Spot the difference

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Adding to my stash. I couldn’t help it!

I cycled 40 minutes today, through plagues of tiny flies and blasts of lorry air (you know as they zoom past!)Why, why, why!For this↓Do  you like it?It's my new 'Summer Skies'bagIt's lined with some pretty blue spotty fabric (no photo too dud)So the reason to be out on my bike was to acquire some suitable ribbon to line the strap.Off… Continue reading Adding to my stash. I couldn’t help it!

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Love my bicycle!

Old bicycle basket decorationThose flowers I loved them, but as all flowers do they dropped,mostly as I sped along the seafront with my basket stuffed with Christmas goodies!Time for a change then.But what to use.Inspirationfound in my little box of treasures, you know you've got one too I'm sure.The box where all those little experiments… Continue reading Love my bicycle!

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The one with Willy Wonka

Boy what a hectic weekend, starting Thursday with World Book Day.The advantage of working in a school is that you get the chance to dress up!This year Willy Wonka !A few little props a quick raid of the wardrobeandHey presto!The children loved it!Then it was a quick change and off to Plymouth for my stepson's Passing Out… Continue reading The one with Willy Wonka