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Finished Projects Yipee!

So last week I talked about my finished crochet projects didn't I.  I had to wait so long for a bright enough day to photograph them, but finally here they are!And actually I'm very pleased with BOTH of them.First the bag.Now this was an ill conceived project from start to finish with no planning at all.Oh… Continue reading Finished Projects Yipee!

crochet granny squares bag, folksy handmade


Yay!Here it isTa Dah!Summer Flowers Bag completed. Thanks to all of your encouraging comments, otherwise I fear it was destined for the drawer of unfinishedness!Now I'm happyHow do you like these vintage mother of pearl buttons, aren't they beautiful!The lining matches so well, thanks to my stash, you see it is worth keeping all those bits and… Continue reading Completion!