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Dancing and Digging

Well hi there!What a glorious day Saturday was, dancing was frankly hilarious, first time out this year and many, many hairy moments and hot.Winchester was looking beautiful.This is me taking a break for a spot of lunch in the shade,i think you'll agree I really rock that tights and flip flop look!And yeah that… Continue reading Dancing and Digging

dancing fun family friends festivals folk

A Secret Life!

Hellooooo!Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather, it certainly makes you feel better doesn't it.We've been staying up waay to late enjoying the outdoor life and a little visit to the pub!Looking at the local landmarks,pretty ain't it.Anyhow.Busy weekend my friends we are just preparing ourselves for a spot of outdoor performing.♥♥♥Oh yes folks, I… Continue reading A Secret Life!