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A beautiful day here in Portsmouth.A hint of Spring in the air and the first outdoor spinning of the year.It felt good to be outside listening to the birds and soaking up the warm sunshine on the deck.The cats thought so too!Ghetto having a stretch.Lord Howard(as he is now known!) relaxing!After an hour sitting in… Continue reading Sunday

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Treacle update!

Today is Treacle's big day, off to the vet for her op.She has a bladder stone!Sooooo big operation and hopefully she'll be all sorted I hope so because she's been causing havoc around the house with her accidents (yuk) I'm now a bit of an expert at getting rid of THAT smell.Obviously she was a reluctant… Continue reading Treacle update!

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As if  having the week form hell last week wasn't enough tonight as I sat down for some relaxing spinning I discovered a wee and disgusting beastie.Yes my friends, I have been struck by the dreaded clothes moth!They are quite frankly horrid.YUK!!!!!OMGthe fear and panic as I searched through my stash.Is that a larva or a bit… Continue reading Attack!!!!!