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The Power of the Sun

Gosh it's been hot here, I mean Hot! I've been taking advantage of the "Power of the Sun" ( say this in a superhero voice😁) to do some more solar dyeing. It's really easy. Shall I explain? First I soaked my fibre as usual in water, until I was happy it was wet through. Next… Continue reading The Power of the Sun

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    I love flowers don't you? I especially love this time of year, we've just enjoyed the feast of Chelsea and our own gardens show plenty of floral promise don't they, everything is green and fresh and vibrant..................beautiful. On Milton Common the wildflowers are putting on a glorious show too. I feel so lucky… Continue reading Flowers

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Sun, Sons, Spinning and a Supermoon!

HELLO!Hope you are all tickety boo.I had an action packed week and weekend (as usual).We all got a bit excited didn't we when the sun came out and it was........................well like summer. Lovely Man and I made the most of it with evening walks along the shore.Down to the old wreck.I'm calling it the Whale… Continue reading Sun, Sons, Spinning and a Supermoon!