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Back at the wheel………..

........ LiterallyI've been struck down with a hideous virus, laid low in all ways. It's a hazard of working with small children! But I'm back behind the wheel now.  Back to work today armed with a supply of tissues and cough sweets, my life is so glamorous.Now I feel I should warn you at this point, this… Continue reading Back at the wheel………..

spinning dyeing crochet yarn handmade

Spinning Disaster

Well I think you know what I'm going to say, don't you.I didn't win the roving wrestling wrangle. No, after one very painful bobbin of lumpy yarn I've given up. It's impossible to spin. I drafted, I carded, I picked out the lumps, swore............alot and rubbed my aching fingers!It's way to lumpy to put with… Continue reading Spinning Disaster